Lobaro CoAP

Lobaro CoAP

This page is an introduction to our free CoAP Software-Stack named “Lobaro-CoAP”, which enables you to create CoAP applications in C and other programing languages.

The target audiance are experienced programmers with rich knowledge of the “C” programming language.

Project Page at Github
Example ESP8266 Project

We also offer integration in other languages that are based on the same C code:

Lobaro CoAP Go at Github

Quick Facts

  • easy to use “C” CoAP stack
  • complete request/response logic
  • complete retry logic
  • piggybacked & separate reponses
  • prepared for sleeping server
  • Demos for ESP8266 (IPv4), ZWIR4512 (IPv6)

Key Terms

  • OpenSource (MIT license)
  • Client + Server
  • RFC7252 (CoAP, Core)
  • RFC7641 (Observe)
  • RFC7641 advanced transmission
  • Blockwise Transfers