6LoWPAN IoT Software Development Kit

Page Summary

This page is an introduction to our “6LoWPAN IoT Software Development Kit”, which enables you to program our hardware devices with your own firmware as an alternative to our “ready to use” solutions based on CoAP.

The target audience is experienced embedded programmers with rich knowledge of the “C” programming language and the STM32 microcontroller family.

Quick Facts

  • Royalty-free 6LoWPAN stack
  • Based on free toolchain “GCC ARM Embedded”
  • Ready to use “CooCox” & “Eclipse” IDE projects
  • Complete UDP over IPv6 example app
  • Extensive API documentation
  • Easy SWD Debug (via ST/LinkV2)

Key Terms

  • IPv6 over 6LoWPAN
  • UDP Sockets
  • IPsec & IKEv2
  • gcc CooCox & Eclipse
  • Mesh networks
  • ZWIR4512