Lobaro wireless M-Bus Bridge V2

Smart metering: Remote reading of wireless M-Bus or OMS meters via LoRaWAN®

The Lobaro wireless M-Bus Bridge V2 for LoRaWAN networks

The Lobaro wireless M-BUS via LoRaWAN Bridge transmits up to 500 consumption values from water meters, heat meters and heat cost allocators with an 868 MHz (OMS) radio interface cost-effectively via a LoRaWAN network to downstream systems, such as the (optional) Lobaro IoT Platform. All (decrypted) consumption data is available in the platform as a CSV file download or via e-mail for easy further processing.

The Lobaro wMBUS Bridge works with all 868 MHz radio / OMS water meters, heat meters, heat cost allocators or similar from various manufacturers:

  • wireless MBUS S1 & C1 & T1 Mode (868 MHz)
  • EN 13757-4
  • OMS v3 & v4
  • Sensus RF (Bubble Up)

External services and billing systems can be accessed via standard APIs (MQTT, REST, HTTP push) receive and process the consumption values from the Lobaro IoT platform in processed and decrypted form. Direct integration of the bridge without the Lobaro platform is also possible.

LoRaWAN wireless M-Bus Bridge and range extender

The innovative Lobaro wMBUS via LoRaWAN Bridge has proven itself successfully in various projects since its launch in 2017 and is constantly being further developed. The cost-optimized improved hardware revision 2.0 has been available since 02/2020 - ideal for price-sensitive large rollouts! Come for a individual offer feel free to contact us.

3 steps to radio meter reading

  • Install 868 MHz wireless M-Bus meter

  • Install Lobaro Bridge close to the meter ("walk-by distance")

  • Export consumption data from Lobaro platform (CSV or API)

LoRaWAN logo
  • LoRaWAN certified

  • No SIM cards / mobile costs

  • Up to 10 years+ battery life

  • Simple setup of your own LoRaWAN network possible

LoRaWAN wireless M-Bus Bridge and range extender

Key data / Key facts

  • Wireless M-Bus to LoRaWAN
    Repeater / Bridge / Adapter
  • Radio technology
    LoRaWAN 1.0.2 (ADR, OTAA)
    wMBUS S1 mode & C1/T1 mode (868 MHz)
    OMS v3/v4
  • Power supply
    19Ah 3.6V D-cell
  • Configuration 
    a) LoRaWAN downlinks
    b) USB PC Tool
  • Device filter (white list)
    a) wMBUS Device IDs
    b) wMBUS Device Type
    c) wMBUS Manufacturer
  • Storage space
    Up to 500 meters per bridge
  • Antenna
    Internal 868 MHz (PCB)
    On request: external SMA antenna.
  • Outdoor IP67 housing
    122mm (W) x 82mm (L) x 55mm (H)
    incl. pressure equalization element
    Technical data
  • Conformity
    CE, RoHS, WEEE
  • Compatible consumption meters
    Successful operation tested with:
    Diehl Sharky 774 / 775 (heat)
    Diehl Hydrus (water)
    Weptech Munia (temperature, humidity)
    Qundis Q caloric (heating costs)
    Sontex 868 (heating costs)
    – EMH eHz (electricity meter)
    kamstrup Multical 603 (heat & cold meter)
    Sensus iPERL™ (water meter)

    ...and many other wMBUS (S1,C1,T1-Mode)
    based meters or sensors.

  • Order no:
    Excl. battery: 8000095