Innovative Pest Control 4.0 from Hamburg

Radio-based LoRaWAN Rodent Live Monitoring & Alerting System

The project

Together with Kaiser Media a solution for radio-based rodent monitoring was designed. The system detects the rodent in the trap or bait box by means of a passive infrared sensor. The developed hardware can be installed on different already existing traps and bait boxes without any effort. The data reaches the cloud via different channels. Via 6LoWPAN or LoRaWAN, the data is transmitted from the Lobaro Backend where the business relevant information is extracted and forwarded to Kaiser Media.

Kaiser Media uses its own system to visualize the collected data for clients. At Lobaro, we have the possibility with our iot-dashboard visually capture all the data necessary for development.

The customer

Kaiser Media has been successfully supporting companies in the pest control, facility management and hygiene management sectors with cloud-based software solutions for over 10 years. The portfolio is complemented by groundbreaking in-house developments in the field of radio-controlled rodent and temperature monitoring for automatic radio-controlled documentation.

The developed system can be obtained from Kasier Media.


  • Radio motion detector for building monitoring
  • Customized sensor development by Lobaro
  • Accompaniment of series production
  • Passive Infrared Sensor (Murata IRA-E700)
  • Radio connection with 6LoWPAN or LoRa / LoRaWan
  • Radio network size: > 100 sensors
  • Battrielife: > 2 years
  • Housing protection class: IP66 (potting)