Lobaro IoT Platform

IoT device & data management incl. API to your application

  • Features

    • IoT device management
    • Mass import for devices, planning of larger deployments
    • Seamless integration for Lobaro devices including all hardware features
    • Open for integration of 3rd party IoT devices (LoRaWAN, NB-IoT, ...)
    • Remote configuration of devices (NB-IoT, LoRaWAN)
    • FOTA: Signed remote firmware updates (NB-IoT)
    • Wireless M-Bus data decryption and decoding
    • Flexible further processing of device data (parser engine)
    • MQTT, HTTP-Rest, HTTP-Push API integrations to connect your downstream application
    • CSV / Excel exports
    • User administration incl. access rights management
    • Connection of various LoRaWAN network servers (e.g. ChirpstackElement-IoT, Actility, TTN, Loriot, Wanesy)
    • Multi-client capable
  • Flexible pricing

    • Free trial period (6 months) on Lobaro SaaS instance included with first hardware purchase
    • Contact us for a customized offer to suit your application
  • Expandable

    • An integration of use case specific applications
    • Connection of existing IoT platforms
    • Customized integrations