IoT hardware development

 Development of customized solutions & products

The Lobaro box(es)

We refer to the hardware modules we develop and produce ourselves as Lobaro box(es).

We differentiate between sensor boxes and gateway boxes. The sensors required for the project or the machines to be controlled are adapted to the (sensor) Lobaro box. Several boxes can communicate with each other bidirectionally via radio in an energy-efficient manner (6LoWPAN or 802.15.4 or LoRa), even if both communication partners are not in direct radio range. In this case, intermediate nodes (i.e. other Lobaro boxes) automatically forward the messages, which automatically form what is known as a "relay". Mesh network  form.

We also have individually customizable gateways for forwarding locally collected sensor data to the Lobaro backendwhich is installed locally on a computer or runs on a server on the Internet. Depending on availability, our gateways use a suitable transport technology, e.g. mobile radio (GPRS, LTE, SMS), LoRaWAN or an existing Internet connection (LAN, WLAN).

Our Lobaro boxes are always installed in industrial enclosures (IP65+) and the electronics can also be encapsulated in epoxy resin to protect them from environmental influences.


The origins of Lobaro lie in an engineering office for customized electronics for well-known industrial customers, from PCB design to series production support. We can therefore draw on many years of practical experience in the field of modern electronics and embedded firmware development. We offer expertise in the following areas Electronics development incl. PCB layout, embedded firmware, housing technology, CNC milling technology, 3D printing, series production and certifications (e.g. CE).

Together with Lobaro, we support you in the design of sensors and innovative measurement/control methods from the initial idea through to series production. In doing so, we always keep an eye on the entire IoT system and ensure smooth interaction with our Lobaro backend and Lobaro dashboard building blocks.

Tobias Rohde
Head of Electronics Development


  • Customizable standard hardware
  • In-house electronics development
  • Data logger on SD card
  • Innovative add-on plug-in system
  • Connection of any sensors/machines
  • Support for series production
  • Various standard sensors (e.g. PT100)
  • LoRa, LoRaWAN and NB-IoT radio