LOB900C: Wireless M-Bus & LoRa Module

Compact SMD Module with Lobaro wMBUS & LoRaWAN Multi Stack Firmware

The Lob900C Radio Module

Wireless M-Bus (wMBUS, Meter-Bus) is a widely used European standard (DIN EN 13757-4) in the field of smart metering. Many gas, water, electricity and heat meters can already be detected and various actuators controlled with Wireless M-Bus. The type of sensor to be queried is not limited and Wireless M-Bus is also used for humidity/temperature sensors, pulse converters, analog/digital converters, etc.

Thanks to the special Lobaro firmware, we can offer you the LOB900C, an energy-saving wireless module, especially for the above-mentioned application scenarios in (sub)metering. Thanks to our Lobaro Multi Stack Firmware, we can integrate this module into your application scenario in the shortest possible time. Standard applications include the reception of wMBUS telegrams and the downstream retransmission via a LoRaWAN network. But also an upload via mobile networks (2G, LTE, NB-IoT) are no problem with the LOB900C & a GSM modem!

The module has a powerful 32-bit Cortex-M3 processor in combination with the Semtech SX1272 Radio transceiver via which customer-specific firmware solutions can be realized thanks to the Lobaro multi-stack firmware.

Supported wireless technologies & protocols:

  • Lobaro LoRa Point to Point (P2P) based on LoRa
  • LoRaWAN (Wideband)
  • wMBUS reception of S, C and T-mode devices (standard FSK)
  • SigFox (Ultra Narrowband)


Lobaro not only provides the hardware, but also helps you with the Installation, data acquisition and evaluation.

The data acquisition can be customized to your application. Short- or long-term monitoring, different measuring intervals, ... we help you to find the right parameters.

Our customers regularly benefit from improvements to the hardware, as the basic elements of the Lobaro Box is also regularly expanded and improved in other projects.

Praise900C wMBUS & LoRa module (20 x 25 mm²)


  • Hardware
    STM32L151 + SX1272 incl. 32 MHz TCXO
  • Available standard firmware
    Wireless M-Bus to LoRa
    Repeater / Bridge / Adapter
    2G/LTE/Nb-IoT wMBUS upload via ext. modem
    Serial Slipmux & CoAP Config Interface
  • Radio technology
    LoRaWAN radio protocol
    wMBUS C-Mode, S-Mode & T-Mode (868 MHz)
    Alternative: Lobaro LoRa Point 2 Point incl. Mesh
    Alternative: SigFox