Lobaro Biaxial inclinometer

High precision tilt measurement in robust metal housing

The product

Wherever an exact Clinometer (inclinometer) is required, the bixaxial Lobaro inclinometer for use.

The inclinometer was developed especially for monitoring structures and bridges. already successfully used. Inclinations can be set with a Accuracy up to 0.001 measured. Often, the sensors are mounted in places that are difficult to access or remote, so that a connection with cables is associated with high costs. The collected data can be used on site per modbus / RS485 be read out or directly via radio (e.g. LoRa or GSM) be sent to the Lobaro Gatway.

Depending on the application, a Battery operation of up to 2 years possible.


Lobaro not only provides the hardware, but also helps you with the Installation, data collection and evaluation.

The data acquisition can be customized to your application. Short- or long-term monitoring, different measuring intervals, ... we help you to find the right parameters.

Our customers regularly benefit from improvements to the hardware, as the basic elements of the Lobaro Box is also regularly expanded and improved in other projects.


  • Radio inclinometer e.g. for building monitoring
  • Biaxial design (X & Y axes)
  • Radio connection with GSM or LoRa / LoRaWan
  • or Modbus query via RS-485 bus
  • Battery operated
  • Accuracy up to 0.001
  • Robust metal housing
Inclinometer with antenna