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Internet of Things


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Welcome to Lobaro! We stand for:

Secure wireless control & monitoring technology for easy access to sensors, actuators or (existing) systems via standardized internet technologies.
Rely on matured “Internet of Things” (IoT) solutions, rather than on lengthy developed propritory electronic & software!

Lobaro: IoT hardware & software from a single source! Start to focus on your products and ideas!

What we offer

  • Industrial grade IoT Solutions
  • Hard- and software from one source
  • Easy sensor control over internet technology
  • Security by default
  • Fast adaption & integration into your system
  • IoT based on open standards (IPv6, CoAP)
  • No cloud data by default
  • Individual engineering

Key Terms

  • IPv6 over 6LoWPAN and LoRa
  • CoAP Application Layer
  • Industrial ready
  • Individual adaption possible
  • Machine-to-machine (M2M)
  • Open IETF Standards
  • Complete IoT solutions
  • IoT Dashboards

Complete solution for the industrial IoT

Complete IoT Industry 4.0 solution hard- and software